Friday, November 9, 2007

The Year of Losing Dangerously

Dear 2007,

I have enjoyed you immensely, your ups and downs, wins and losses, the bittersweet and the downright sour and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, I have dubbed thee "The Year of Losing Dangerously".

As an adult, I am not one to lose things. Quite the opposite. Things are drawn to me like metal shavings to a magnet. However, during the last 10 months I have lost important belongings at an alarming rate.

June: at a company retreat I lost track of my massive blanket sized pink pashmina wrap my mother gave me for Christmas years ago that is/was my travel staple. I have not been able to find anything close to that big since. It has been to Europe multiple times, Mexico, Vegas, New York city and all over California in all seasons.

July: brand new sunglasses (a gift from D)-shoe department Macy's South Coast Plaza.

September: favorite brown purse containing wallet, makeup and Canon a640 camera-back of run-away taxi, Los Feliz Blvd in the unanticipated pouring rain.

October: one diamond and platinum hoop-Los Angeles, CA somewhere between Echo Park and Monrovia.

I was writing this in the hopes that, as some people say, bad things happen in threes. (Counting the Chloe bag as one "incident" rather than several items out of sheer optimism.) However with the addition of the remembered forgotten pink pashmina I know this spate of losing things is simply part of the character of the year. I need to further add to the list the following:

November: concussion teddy-bear left wrapped in the blankets and sheets of a hotel room in Sacramento, and my favorite black cardigan left wrapped in the sheets and blankets of same chain hotel room one week later in San Diego. Le sigh.

So, dear 2007, I knock on wood in anticipation of the possibility that this spate of losing important and valuable things is now over. And I prepare to kiss you good-bye as you head out the door at the end of next month.


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