Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Venice in the Afternoon

One hot, hot, hot, hot, hot dog day afternoon in Los Angeles...

Late last month, during the sudden heat wave in Southern California, we escaped our deficient A/C by packing the kids up and heading out for a stroll on the Venice boardwalk. We visited our friend Larry at his neat-o import store, Ocean Blue. We strolled, we gawked, and we browsed. We avoided the seemingly dozens of inbred, hardened and simply frightening looking pit bulls, and made our way all the way down to Figtree's Cafe.

We ate a simple meal. D ordered an egg sandwich from the breakfast menu. It was a BLT with some simple scrambled eggs tossed in, served on wheat toast with nice roasted red new potatoes.

I nommed on chunks of ahi tuna skewered on rosemary lightly dusted with sea salt. They were served with a delicious tapenade...nothing complicated or unique, but delicious enough to wish I had that plate sitting right here for my breakfast today.

They were very accomodating to the dogs. They brought out bowls of water and didn't make a stink when the kids migrated occasionally from the breezeway onto the actual dining room floor to have a sniff at the food and a cuddle.

Our kids are nothing if not good travelers. Here they are, about 20 degrees cooler and nicely dog tired from all the sight-seeing.

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