Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Things: Too Busy to Eat Well & Blog About It

The title says it all. Le sigh.

Above, exactly four years ago tonight, some people getting some things ready for a Halloween party in my kitchen.

Still on the home front, my back patio before the remodel. Also, before Daisy.

Above, during the remodel. The whole yard was just torn down and completely restructured.

After the remodel. Increased patio area, and above beyond the frame of the picture, a dog run and the lovely expanse of a dog free patio with seating and chimenea.

Japan, good country, good Cubanos.

Grad night 2008 Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii.

This kitty always found a place to rest in the shade among the bougainvillea. His family moved house a few months ago.

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