Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yelp Elite Event at Royal/T in Culver City

8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-6300

Last Friday, the gang loaded ourselves up into the car and headed to Culver City so C and I could pop into the Yelp Elite Holiday Party at Royal/T. Royal/T Is a seriously cool venue. If you know anything about me, you know a little about my joy for all things Japanese (all things except all the mysteriously "closed" bars full of customers in the Golden Gai, but that's another post). Loved Royal/T.

Royal/T is both a cafe and an art space, and the art reaches out to the community through giant plate glass windows. I wanted to *smoosh* this giant plastic puppy in the window.

No royalty is complete without a crown.

After we got through the long greeting line, which went quickly despite the length, we were almost immediately offered some adorable purple mini-cupcakes. There is nothing I like better than food that is made to look uneatable, and these were adorable. Little chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting and gold metallic sprinkles.

If you have been following my blog, you know I am a little obsessed with public bathrooms. After looking at lots of fun art and retail spaces, I was dying to see the bathroom. We grabbed a slightly alcoholic ginger lemonade with soju and headed for the ladies. Charming.

Excellent toiletries. Veddy nice.

The bathroom is decorated by framed media coverage of Royal/T and their cosplay motif. Nowhere near as much fun as Bar C, but still very cool. Bar C really sexifies the cosplay element, making it a little more American. But really, in the French Maid cafes in Akiba there is very little skin on display. There is a definite air of innocence, just waiting to be corrupted, but not quite currupted yet. Royal/T copies that feeling a little more authentically. Problem: not near enough booze flowing. That could be my own personal issue.

The art is not restricted to the static. Royal/T also boasts a small screening room. The night of the party they were screening pics of Elite Yelpers' holiday photos, sent in ahead of time. We walked in and sat down in the cozy seating area and within a minute were greeted by ourselves, larger than life.

The above photo was at my very special birthday party two years ago, and the below was New Year's eve at the infamous Stearn's in Lake Havasu City.

Our time spent at Royal/T was brief. It was super crowded and the line to the small, understaffed bar was 100+ humans long, in my estimation. So we hung for a bit, said hello to a few folk then headed for the treats at the back door.

This fun piece of business was waiting for us. The Port-A-Party!

A hybrid of the Port-A-Potty and an OG iPod, open the door and there are disco lights and a real iPod playing house music. Dance, little sister!

On the back table, piled high, were the gifts everyone brought. Each Eliter was asked to bring a bi-gender gift of roughly $10 or less. The above was included in the card attached to my gift. A lotto scratcher, when scratched revealed I had won 10k. 10k!!!!!! 10k!!!! Fail. No, I did not win 10k. This was a joke scratcher. Pewp. Under the wrapping was something even less palatable.

Donuts from the much heralded Mr. Donuts in Glendora. I hate donuts.

They look tempting, these long twists of deep fried glazed dough. But I know, when I put them in my mouth I will be unhappy. C, however, never met a donut she didn't, er, like.


Nom nom. Or something to that effect.

I felt bad for her though. Her present was neither so intriguing nor so entertaining. Plastic fucking decorative lemons. Present fail.

All in all, we had a great time. The event was fun and I will go to another more properly lubricated Elite event. And we ended up first at the Repeal event at 7 Grand, then finally at my favorite place, Bar C. Successful Friday evening.


Right Way to Eat said...

Funny! Did you wait in that long line that line to get your drink. Glad you can make it out to the event. Are you still an elite?

Food, she thought. said...


No, I did not wait in that line. We left and went to the Culver hotel to open our presents and have a cocktail in a civilized fashion. Yes, I am Elite 2009! *preens*

Simply Natural Events said...

Do you know where they got the port a potty?

Food, she thought. said...

I am assuming someone made it for them or they bought it. You might give them a call and ask. I haven't been in since.