Thursday, March 26, 2009

California Jeopardy: Proof That Youth is Wasted on the Young

What are three black lipsticks at the Chanel counter at Saks Fifth Avenue, Alex?

Yes, readers. Last week I was working at one of my favorite spots in Palm Springs and I had a few hours to spare in between clients. I drove all the way to Palm Desert just to look at three shades of black lipstick at the Chanel counter.

In my younger days I would have sported all three of these shades brazenly and wonderfully. However, this week I took one look at them and thought, "Mutton dressed as lamb? Wrinkles in relief?" (Like there are any other kind?) Now that I can afford something so luxurious it would look horrid on me. Back in my goth influenced youth I sported something very similar from the .99 cent Wet N' Wild display at Walgreens. It looked perfect with head to toe vintage and Doc Martens.

The Gardens at El Paseo sport some luxury stores including the Saks Fifth Avenue and its Chanel counter, Prada & Gucci handbags and Louboutin shoes.

A display of Bentleys is parked out front by the sidewalk.

An older gentleman walking by peeks at the sticker price and says in passing, "Not that pricey."

They are a beautiful automobile.

Yes, I drove approximately 17 miles just to look at black lipstick because I had nothing better to do. Environmentally speaking, I was definitely not part of the solution last Wednesday. And you know the rest of that old adage.


Kristine G said...

I'm sorry, but black lipstick and 80s shoulder pads are making a comeback but I don't think I can do it, either. lol

Food, she thought. said...

I know. I used to have shoulder pads that I put in every outfit I owned. I would put them in tee-shirts. I would steal my dad's tee-shirts, and slip in these shoulder pads that velcroed over my bra strap. LOL.