Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucky Devils' Questionable Behavior; The Other Side

After ruminating over EaterLA's coverage on Hollywood Girl's complaint and the ensuing comments thread during my lovely drive home from my Pasadena cubicle with a belly full of Inaka's spicy tuna bowl, (Yes, haters, spicy tuna! Blah blah bad spicy tuna blah blah spice covers flavor of poor quality tuna blah blah sushi on a Monday blah blah muthaeffing blah. Well, I like the occasional spicy tuna bowl, yum yum yum with a little hot miso on the left over sushi rice. Suck it.) I spent some time considering the opposing argument of Lucky Devil's management posted on the alternate newsy food site, newcomer Grub Street LA.

Grub Street does some fact checking on the alternate argument, that of Lucky Devils' owner Lucky Vanous. Grub Street quotes Lucky as saying that Amy looked as though she "had not gotten out of bed. Her hair was greasy beyond belief and she was in a dirty brown t-shirt. Quite frankly, she looked a little whacked."

As stated above prior to my sushi rantings, I ruminated upon this during my beautiful afternoon drive heading south and west away from the SGV. It's a he said/she said story here. Both have something to gain for vocalizing opposing perceptions on the incident. Amy is angry for being fired on her first day of work and for being fired, in her opinion, in such a sexist manner. Lucky is angry for being called on the carpet for his actions whether they were ill communicated and unwarranted or not.

I don't know Amy, I cannot speak for how she represents herself or the quality of her appearance. However, I do know if I were the management in charge of training a newbie that day at Lucky Devils, I would have found a more diplomatic way of communicating my unhappiness with the package that she presented when she walked in the door. There are a million ways to say that "this relationship isn't going to work out" without referring to weight, makeup or hairstyle.

Just clarifying the situation for you, my readers, and even more for myself.


Anonymous said...

How are you clarifying the matter when your title has "Lucky Devils Questionable Behavior"?

That hardly implies objectivity.

Anonymous said...

How can you defend someone who admits to showing up for work as a food handler with an eye infection? On her first day, no less.

Diana said...

I fully support the guy in telling her to come back tomorrow. He owns a restaurant. Someone he just hired comes in looking greasy and scruffy. She had an EYE infection.

Sounds to me like a little miss priss got called out for acting like a twit and wanted revenge.

heck he even gave her a chance to clean her idiot self up and COME BACK. Of course, Miss Mature decided to have a little tantrum and drop the job.

It is an insult to people who are looking hard for a job, who would do anything to work that a mental little girl could toss an opportunity aside like that.

Grow up, child!

Anonymous said...

I am the person in question.

1. I did NOT have an eye infection. I was still RECOVERING from one and if you must know, it was caused by an allergic reaction to contact lenses solution. By recovering, i was told not to wear contacts for 2 weeks after completing antibiotics.
2. the shirt was BRAND NEW. I bought it specifically for the job since I did not have the color shirt he indicated to wear, so I don't now how it looked dirty considering I even IRONED it to get the fold marks out.
3. that is a damn lie about my hair. Considering I'd washed it a little over 12 hrs prior! the only thing present in my hair was a touch of hairspray to handle the flyaways. I'm actually quite the prissy b-tch when it comes to my hair.

For the record, I have a much better job now (and actually started it the day after this fiasco) and I have NEVER had a disciplinary problem EVER at ANY job for my appearance. I have been a trainer and/or supervisor at my past 3 jobs over the last 10 years so that should tell you that I do a good job and I stay at my jobs for 3-4 years at a time which is actually quit impressive for server jobs considering the average turnaround is much lower.

Anonymous said...

They hired Courtney Love as a server?

Kristin said...

As someone who has personally known Amy for well over 5 years, I think the comments that are being left here are quite ignorant.

Firstly, it wasn't an eye infection. It was an allergic reaction to either her contacts or solution - a problem she's been having for over 2 months now that was neither contagious or infectious. So you all can STFD.
Who would call into work on their first day of work regardless of what they have? In this economy, any job is hard to come by, and if she hadn't shown up or called in sick due to her so called "eye-infection", he would have had a fit either way. Damned if she did, damned if she didnt.

Secondly, I personally know her work ethic. Lucky Devils is painting a picture they know isn't true to salvage their already tarnished reputation by other reviews I've read. They act as if they're a 5 star restaurant when I could probably get better food and service at Dennys. I've eaten at Lucky Devils in the past, and they don't exactly pride themselves on the image of professionalism or "image". I speak from experience in that place. I live in Vegas. Lucky Devils is NOTHING special by industry standards.

Thirdly, their personal attack on height, weight and looks further prove my point that their "professionalism" isn't exactly high on their priority list, as evidenced by their treatment of her.

And my final point? If they can go so far as to treat their employees like that, I have no doubt in my mind that they'll continue to treat customers just as bad, if not worse.

They're lucky she's not suing their ass.