Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Morning Brunch

There is nothing more beautiful on a Saturday morning than a quick little brunch a deux, sitting heads bowed together, scheming to take over the universe.  On my way home from spinning off tomorrow's Chocolate Salon tasting, I stopped at the store, grabbed some fresh ingredients (because I admit to having no clue what came in the CSA box Thursday) and dashed home to put heat under the poaching water.

Half a dozen organic brown eggs. I love a brown egg, the little speckles on the shell.  For me, this is an aesthetic issue. I would have to do a side by side taste test to see if there were a marked difference between brown and white flavor-wise.


Poaching eggs with some vinegar added to the bath helps prevent feathering. My haphazard methodology of tossing the eggs into the bath instead of placing them gently almost negates the use of the vinegar. However, I use balsamic vinegar instead of white because I love the rich flavor of a balsamic. 


For the asparagus, drizzle EVOO into the pan and add freshly chopped garlic, sea salt and ground pepper.

Pan frying the asparagus give the tips a beautiful crispness, and helps me to keep an eye on their progress more easily preventing overcooking. I always overcook steamed asparagus.

Lox, from a plastic envelope in the deli section. Not the same quality lox one might find while ordering room service at the Four Seasons, but delicious nonetheless.

The finished product. Some might not like the brown coloring from the balsamic vinegar in the poaching bath, but I do. The flavor was wonderful all around, and my tummy is full of Saturday morning goodness.

I dedicate this post to Verv & Moto, who both much prefer home cooking posts to restaurant reviews. Consider this the first of many to come and a warm up for a new project.


Kitten with a Whisk said...

I think it looks nom!

Diana said...

1. I ALWAYS buy brown eggs too! I'm sure they are probably the same as white, but like you said, I think they are much more aesthetically pleasing.

2. I'm going to the chocolate salon tomorrow also! What time are you planning on getting there?

Tricerapops said...

i'm of the insane mindset that there is a taste difference between white and brown eggs. brown eggs taste better and 'earthier' in my opinion - but i'm sure it's psychosomatic more than anything else.