Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eat My Blog Los Angeles Bloggers Charity Bake Sale to Benefit Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Zeke's Smokehouse
7100 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046
December 5 10AM-4PM

Angelenos with a penchant for gourmet sweets are invited to attend the first ever Eat My Blog bake sale on Saturday December 5th from 10AM to 4PM.  Zeke's will host the event on their sidewalk patio where Eat My Blog will donate 600+ baked goods including whoopie pies, pumpkin swirl brownies, handmade macarons, sesame cupcakes with matcha frosting and more.  All proceeds will be donated to the Los Angles Regional Food Bank to help raise a greater awareness for those looking to give back to the Los Angeles community.

Cathy Danh, author of Gastonomy and founder of Eat My Blog, says, "Eat My Blog is an opportunity for the blogging community to give back to those in need. If this goes well, we plan to make it a biannual occurrence."

"It's a great way to connect with people in an intimate and real way," said Diana Hossfield of Diana Takes a Bite and organizing member of Eat My Blog.  "It's Tastespotting come to life - for a cause that's near and dear to our hearts."

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is a non-profit charitable organization that has been mobilizing resources to help fight hunger in the community since 1973.

I personally am planning to make three flavors of macarons, furthering the Macaron Diaries and to enjoy being assisted by my internet bffs.  

Come, buy, eat, give.


Kristine said...

what flavors will you be doing this time?

Food, she thought. said...

Yes, I have some interesting flavors planned. Matcha green tea and chocolate ganache, this malaysian rose flavor and one other...ummm...oh yes...caramel fleu de sel again!

It's With A K said...

I'm drooling already!