Friday, June 25, 2010

Why? Just why?

While severely neglecting my blog during a recent extended fishing trip, I spent a lot of time thinking about what this blog is, what it isn't and what I would like it to be. Sometimes we get to the highest levels of understanding when we operate at our most deeply cognitive levels.  A little compare/contrast, if you will.

Food, She Thought is and should be my ramblings on food, in any place, style, situation or ethnic perspective I find intriguing, engaging or yummy. Full stop.

Food, She Thought is not a public relations tool, a special events driver. money making, or simply a luxury restaurant review site. I was saddened recently when a friend referred her cousin to my site, thinking her cousin (a cook) might be interested in blogging about her cooking adventures, and the sister commented, "I could never afford to do what she does." I don't eat fancifully that often, and I certainly don't want fanciness to be the goal (although I am god damned fancy on the inside, my desk at work is under a god damned sky light, FFS).  I don't want to shy away from writing about the challenges of home cooking and commentary about places as banal as Claim Jumper or the newest offerings at fast food restaurants (even if they disgust me on some many levels).

Virtual moments (nano-seconds) have been frittered away thinking about the lack of uniqueness of Food, She Thought. Do I have anything to say that other bloggers don't? Not really. Do I go places others don't? Nope. Is there a unique perspective? Have I, as J. Gold would suggest "codified" my ramblings to give focus and definition so readers know what they are getting when they come here, to develop an archetypal perspective on food/drink/experience? Sorry, no.

Whilst fishing, much time was spent ruminating on healthier eating eschewing anything with rouille, foie gras, copious amounts of butter and ridiculous amounts of booze (booze? really? not really). My body feels better and my mind feels more focused, which is amusing because if anything I feel like allowing my blog to be less focused.  

I think I enjoyed this blog the most during the early days of its inception, with very little readership save my husband, T and a few hawties out there around the country (you know who you are).  Back then I was completely unconcerned with commentary, which postings drew the most hits and any tendency toward repeating posting patterns that garnered the most interest.

Additionally, I had a good time before I felt it painful to pan something I didn't enjoy. We went, we ate, I commented truthfully.  There are many bloggers out there who follow the coda, "if it sucked, you won't read about it here". I totally get that rule of thumb.  But I don't think it's for me, I think I am just enough of a bitch to say so when I don't like something, and just sweet enough to be fair and diplomatic.

I am streamlining, people.  Follow, if you will. I still appreciate your readership and am continually humbled that anyone reads and comments at all. And that's why.


ECS said...

blog identity crisis is something I definitely can understand, but I'll still be following to see if/what/when you post in the future! Perhaps you'll experience something that simply HAS to be documented, or decide that you can write about this non-foi-gras experience instead.

Although I'm sure I'll never eat in any of the places you reviewed, I liked that you commented on what you didn't love as well as what made you totally happy. It made the entries honest IMO, and that's what the blog world needs most of all, isn't it?

ekd said...

You are far too critical of yourself, just like every other human. And why the concern about being 100% unique? Nobody is. If we were, nobody would care at all about what anyone had to say on a blog. Keep doin' what you're doin' and we'll keep reading. I love your blog for taking me to fancy places I can't afford, for encouraging me to think outside the box in my food choices, teaching me about quinoa, and the funnies intertwined in your food vocabulary.

weezermonkey said...

I am so with you and so not down with that coda.

Count me in as a continuing reader.

It's With A K said...

Borrowing from the classic lyricists, The Sugar Hill Gang "I said a hip, hop, the hippie the hippie dibby hip hop hop and you don't stop."

This reader hopes to keep reading your blog. While everyone has an opinion on food, blogging about it is not unique, I delight in your perspective, humor and appreciate your words.

cave nil vino
(beware of no wine)

kevinEats said...

Great post. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for FTS, "fancy" or not.

glutster said...

FST reader for life no matter what :)

Marie-Pierre said...

I don't understand the word "fancy" cooking. Is it any other dish but a sloppy joe?

I remember being at the grocery store one evening. The check out counter the lady asked me what I was going to make for dinner -Probably just for the sake of conversation- I told her how I was going to prepare my belgian endives. If I had said endives au gratin, it would have flown over her head. The lady behind me at the check out counter says, oh you have company? I was a little shocked by that question. I turned around and said, oh no, just my kids and I.... Are we supposed to eat sloppy joes every night? I don't know how to make sloppy joes? How do you make sloppy joes? Just looking at a picture of Sloppy joes makes me feel like someone put a ball of grease in my mouth and 100 pounds on my hips.

Any way, stay fancy! Life is good!

streetgourmetla said...

Hey you're always one of my faves, from the start. And, you're one of my favorite people to dine with.

I know you have a voice, can't wait to see it breakaway from the pack.

I love FoodSHeThought!!

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Food, she thought,

I'm glad to see you back. I didn't know your "Gone Fishin'" was literal. :) Nice!

I feel your pain and hope you get to a place that you enjoy with your blog. Let it loose, and as you say, you don't have to be compelled to be a "fancy restaurant" blog or try to "keep up with the Joneses" or do anything else you don't feel is totally you. Take care. :)

Food, she thought. said...

Thank you friends and readers! I have several posts in the bag just waiting for editing and revisions. I am kind of excited to eschew all PR dinners and the like from this point forward. I base this excitement on the idea of returning to my bottom-up blogging roots and the positive responses I have received here, via Twitter and FB, and email from several people about how they feel PR dinners and hosted events can really compromise our honesty and ability to be impartial. Having said that, I don't personally know any bloggers who can be bought or are dishonest for free food. I just want to get off the hamster wheel.

Sloppy joe's? Random. No offense.

EK; I was only fishing in the metaphorical sense. I do enjoy some fly fishing, but I haven't been in years. :-D

Daily Gluttony said...

Such an awesome post, FST. I can relate to each and every thing you said.

Keep on doing what you're doing; I'll always be a reader!