Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Late Bite at Yxta: Does Love

Yxta Cocina Mexicana
601 S. Central Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90021

As I discussed with Valentina from East Side Food Bites via Twitter, why is Yxta not as popular and renowned as some other to-be-unnamed Mexican spots around town?  There are solid reviews around the internets, including these on Yelp, here at Dig Lounge, raves for their tacos al pastor on Chowhounds,  Eating LA,  by Jessica Gelt in the LATimes,  a nod on Thrillist that's more newsy than reviewesque, a rave on Daemon's Food, and right here at FST. I love Yxta, have eaten something delicious there every time I have visited. Jesse always remembers D and I, and I am always sad when his mom is not in the kitchen whipping up something delicious.  Mexican food by Mexican people, made in an upscale way with no velvet ropes, no tiny portions, and nothing so artsy on the plate you feel hesitant about digging in. If you have been eating in upscale Mexican restaurants around L.A. the last couple of years, and more recently, you know who I am talking about.

After cruising A Current Affair Vintage Pop-Up on the evening of Fashion's Night Out last Friday, T, D and I found ourselves on Jesse's doorstep hungry for some sophisticated snacks of the Latino variety. We started with this beautiful dish off the menu, corn and nopalitos in a crema sauce with manchego. Rich, and delicious, wonderful. A nice bite to it, which makes me happy.

I was thrilled calabacitas were in season. The last couple times I have been in the squash blossoms were sold out or out of season. Ole! Flipping yum. Mexican squash blossoms with queso cotija. 

For dessert, Jesse treated us to a hefty slice of Tres Leches chocolate cake. Insane, I had a couple decadent nibbles and let T & D have at it.

Yxta is always pretty busy, I just don't see why people aren't beating down their doors & the Opentable reservation line for the amazing food, aguas frescas cocktails and so on. D & I are already planning on visiting again next week because this was our first visit since late last winter. When we make the big move downtown (coming right up) we will be there far more often.


eastside food bites said...

Yes! Exactly. It should be packed considering how fantastic the food is here. I think you're right that the location is probably to blame, but they have a parking lot,and it's not that scary!

Great write up, and thanks for the link!

Food, she thought. said...

@eastside you are welcome for the link. i plan to go back again soon