Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Moment in Barceloneta

Barceloneta is a neighborhood running along the northwest of the port of Barcelona. Originally constructed in the 18th century to serve the residents of the Ribera neighborhood, the shops and restaurants along the boardwalk are now fairly modern looking.  Barceloneta definitely has a locals feel to it. Just to the left of this photo between the boardwalk and the water is an unfenced dog park and along this sidewalk dozens of joggers and roller bladers pass by.


One evening we ventured into Barceloneta under the promise of fresh seafood, more than a little tired of the sodium laden pintxos and tapas. Prior to dining, we stopped for liquid refreshment at this kiosk.


Kiosks like this pepper the city wherever there is room on a sidewalk, near a museum or similar attraction. They sell ice cream, sandwiches & snacks, drinks & booze.


Bacardi & diet. I fantasize about running a small business like this, just me. Open everyday to serve locals and tourists. Putting out my aluminum chairs, napkins and menus everyday in the cool morning air.


We took a seat and enjoyed some liquid refreshment as we watched the city pass by.


The treatment of dogs all over really impressed me.  There are dogs literally everywhere, in every neighborhood, accompanying every kind of person. I didn't see a single stray dog, dog without collar and only the occasional dog off leash following owner very closely. I love to think about the well cared for dogs of Barcelona.

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