Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Long House Party in Austin

This weekend I took a break from my work related travel and flew south to Texas for a weekend of friendship, food and basic slothfulness.  We had plans for Austin domination: river kayaking, live music, the bat experience, etc and so on. But all 11 of us (more or less at different times) just lounged around the Austin compound eating, talking, laughing and enjoying the pleasure of one anothers' company.


We watched the greyhounds and they watched us. Above is Laika, below Beebs.


I finally managed an early morning Momo sighting, she hid from us all weekend coming out only for an early morning cuddle session on the date of departure.


Watching your friends have children and the ways it profoundly changes their lives is such an interesting experience. I didn't manage to capture a worthy snap of Miles, but Lily isn't quite so camera shy.


I know Austin to be a diverse and musical city, but nothing outside the doors of Elaine and John's house held any more interest for me than the company I kept behind them. Thank you for hosting, E & J. I'll be back again sometime soon.

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