Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dog Friendly in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel

701 E Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA


A few weeks back J, our office travel guru, booked me into the Ace for a week's stay in Palm Springs. The Ace was a completely new spot for me (and pet friendly) so Jackson and I were ready for some adventure!


Everything is just a little retro 1970's California style, in a good way. Diner, bar, spa, gym, etc.


A friend forewarned me that the Ace can be a bit douchebaggardly. I am happy to report I suffered no such experience. Everyone and everything I came across was top notch, warm and friendly.


Sprinkled throughout the property are common areas with fireplaces and ample seating.


I had a couple glasses of wine in the bar one night seated next to a salty old dog who didn't understand why I was surrounded by the tools of technology. Part of the generation gap, I suppose. So many of us nowadays go nowhere without means for constant communication. I remember the days when I used to sit in a bar with a book or magazine. Now, I am reading or working from a tablet, the glow lighting my face with an unflattering spectral aura.


I loved my room, with its comfy bed, good sheets, and surf aesthetic no matter how incongruous mid-desert.




Jackson and I shared a patio room with a locking gate. French doors lead out to the patio so he could come and go as he pleased.  One thing worth noting: the Ace is pet friendly with a cost. You must inhabit a patio room which is a $40 upgrade and you must pay an extra $25 per night. So technically a dog is an extra $65 per night above a regular room. Having said that, the property is extremely pet friendly, the facilities are well set up to accommodate dogs of all sizes, lots of room for strolling among other things.


Among the other things is a small dog park. It's not huge but it's definitely adequate for some leash free roaming and a good poop.


Something I loved about the Ace as a female traveler were the broad walking areas fenced in securely on the property. I could walk the J-dog at night without worrying about serial killing strangers and whatnot. There's plenty of room on the property for unaccosted roaming about.


For a little human leash free roaming, hit the well equipped gym.


Lots of cardio machines, full set of free weights, medicine balls and this and that.


Scooter rental. If it weren't for the extra $65 a night, the Ace would be my regular hotel in Palm Springs as I launch into a new contract there this year. Unfortunately that puts my personal and professional budget right over the edge. I definitely see myself staying here maybe once a year as a treat. And a treat it was. For both of us.


How to make dog food said...

I like this idea: Dog friendly, Some hotels are not even human friendly :)

Anonymous said...


I was expecting pix of that sexy pool I keep reading about. More specifically, pix of really hot women in bikini, frolicking in said pool.

Instead, SCOOTERS!? I mean, I love my scooter but... tease!

pet friendly said...

Well this is good info for me. Thanks for sharing this!

pet friendly said...

Well this is good info for me. Thanks for sharing this!

Homemade Dog Food Recipes said...

I Love this idea. I wish I will find dog friendly hotel near my home ;)