Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Un Gout du France dans le Paradis

Our first night in Honolulu, we were treated to a whole new (new to us) side of the city in the Chinatown neighborhood. It was the First Friday art walk, and we started at Brasserie du Vin for wine and supper.

This is indeed a taste of Paris in paradise. And if not really Parisian in feel, definitely San Franciscan, Silverlakian, or maybe even Old Town Scottsdalian.

Brasserie du Vin is a wine bar with a lovely indoor/outdoor dynamic happening. There are several indoor rooms to dine in, even one with air conditioning. I could feel it as we walked past on our way to a lovely table overlooking the back patio, replete with Martini & Rosso umbrellas, cobblestones and shade trees.

We started supper with brie en croute with cranberries and fresh fruit. For supper I ate the catch of the day, what I think was Opa, with manchego cheese served on a bed of chilled white beans. I was trying to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone will enjoy being in the presence of someone snapping away on a camera the entire evening, so I didn't take pics of the rest of the meal. It was truly delightful. I will definitely come here again when I return to Honolulu next year. A refreshing departure from the fried food beachside at Dukes, ubiquitous and mediocre sushi in Waikiki and the celebrity chefs that have taken over the culinary scene in every metropolitan area from here to Timbuktu.

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