Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bar Lubitsch

Bar Lubitsch
7702 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

We had a great time at this Russian themed bar last night.

The decor, the signage and the presence of so many Russian vodkas tells me that someone has thought this out well and followed through lovingly. Totally in sync with the Russian neighborhood. If you step outside the bar and stroll east or west on Santa Monica you will walk past Russian delis, tailors, hardware stores and so on. I used to live in this neighborhood and really enjoyed the flavor.

I loved all the details, the Russian words, the fonts...

On the vodka wall they had a Russian vodka bottled in a matrishka doll. We had to have shots. Of course.

Which were then followed by shots of a Japanese rice vodka.

There's a reason I stayed in bed until noon today.


Esteban said...

Great place--but recently I noticed they have more of a door policy, which makes me roll my eyes.

Food, she thought. said...

There was no issue at the door when we got there, however we got there early and when we left there was a line at the velvet rope.