Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Meat Market, SOBE Florida

Meat Market
915 Lincoln Rd
South Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 532-0088

Fresh off the plane to Miami from Los Angeles, we changed clothing and took an endless stroll people watching and window shopping up and down the Lincoln Road in South Beach. We ended up stopping for our first refueling at the Meat Market, a steak-ish house with open walls and maybe the most beautiful staff I have ever laid eyes on.

We sat at the bar and started with martinis, natch.

At the bar area, we had full view of the inner workings of the raw bar, something I can watch endlessly. The gentleman were shucking, cracking and declawing all kinds of deliciousnesses.

I wasn't hungry, so ultimately I ate off D's plate. What's your is mine, what's mine is mine. This ceviche was not good. It was very fresh and the texture of the white fish was lovely, but it was overly acidic. I could barely swallow my bite. D liked it, but I thought it was not worthy.

Their stone crab was both reasonbly priced and wonderul. Sweet, meaty, very large and very fresh. This stone crab experience was not to be topped by any other stone crab the entire visit.

I pinch!

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