Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Chirashi Lunch at Samurai Steve's in Hemet

Samurai Fish & Grill
2200 W Florida Ave
Hemet, CA 92545
(951) 652-9800

Rolling into Hemet on Friday after a long drive in the intense rain, I was hungry for something that could not be classified as fast food.

I called ahead to Samurai Sushi in the mall, near the Kohl's, you know the one. My lunch was not half bad. I ordered chirashi because I was in the mood for sashimi but also maybe wanted some rice to nibble at. The bowl itself was beautiful to look at.

The freshness of the fish was variable. The salmon was super fresh, and all melt-in-your-mouthy.

The tuna also was of better than passable quality.

Although the pic of the albacore looks pretty nice, it was not super soft in the way that albacore is, how it can almost not hold itself together as you eat it. Meh. Hemet is a long drive from a fish market or a port.

But they were generous with their roe and green onions and the rice was cooked perfectly, nice and sticky and tasting of sweet vinegar.

I ate my lunch while watching Nights at Rodanthe. What was I thinking? Then I napped. The rain made me drowsy.


It's With A K said...

Those pictures make me hungry..I'm getting sushi for lunch, it's official. I love you and your blog!

Loving Annie said...

The salmon sounds like the best of them.

Food, she thought. said...

Annie & K:

The salmon was the best part, aside from mixing the roe with the green onions and dousing in a little soy & wasabi. It was a veddy nice lunch! K, I love you too, baby!

Kristine G said...

Mmmmmm ... dude, whenever you get the time we should take a sushi cooking class. I think there is one that takes you to the LA Fish Market before the class... something to think about it.

Food, she thought. said...

K: That would be so much fun! Do they offer it on the weekend? We could cook sushi, go home and nap on my couch, then go out for sushi and sake in K-town with da boyz!