Friday, April 3, 2009

200th Blogiversary: Ode to a Yelper

This is Food, She Thought's 200th post. I considered going somewhere fancy for dinner and blogging about that. Or blogging about some street food, an opening, or even cooking something myself to wax poetic about. However, there is a yelper who makes me laugh endlessly which really brightens a bad day, and I thought it would be nice to give him a shout-out.

John C., consider yourself memorialized.

I first came across John's reviews about this time a year ago, close to NBA play offs, lounging on the couch with D and JAF. While reading John's reviews, I literally laughed til I cried. While the tears have subsided completely I still read those new reviews when I need a good laugh. They are rude & overly sexual, he is obsessed with his penis, his bowel movements and his mom, he is sometimes racist (my anthropology professors might rescind my degree, but I find it humorous), and almost always kinda sexist. But he always gives everything 5 stars, and finds something nice to say about every place he goes.

There are other equally fair and intelligent bloggers I read religiously. Kristine, Claudia G, Tatertots, DJM, Tony C, Cara, Michael U and Brandon F. However, John, you are the most fun.

John, later today I will be raising a drink to you and my 200th post! Cheers!


John C. said...

If i were to say what I was going to raise, your Anthropology teacher would turn in his sarcophogus! OY VEY! Ok, even I'm confused.

Keep up the good work on the site, I'm looking forward to trying out many of the places you've so nicely blogged about!!!

John C. said...

Not sure if I spelled sarcophagus correctly, but I really do not respect the ancient Egyptians, so there.

The George said...

Hey you're Yelper. So am I, George M on the Site. I found your Blog through the LA Eater RSS Feed for Bodega Louie.

Kristine G. said...

I totally hear ya, L. John C's yelp reviews will make you crack a smile even on the cloudiest of days. I still remember the one you shared about his review on Panda Express. Never will I drive by one without snickering and thinking: "Orphans' tears..." LOL

Congrats to your 200th review, Lovey! :o) Here is to 200 more!

*clinks the Veuve*

Anonymous said...

I see, L. we like your thoughts, she thought.

Here's (raising my peppermint with 2 rose buds fully seeped for 4.2 minutes tea cup) to you and your words, peach blossom :)