Sunday, July 12, 2009

Because My Dog is Awesome

Let me start by sharing there is nothing good about losing Daisy. It has sucked to the utmost degree of suckishness. However! If there were some small side benefit to having solely one dog in the house, it is that Jackson has begun hiding bones again.

Since he was a teen, Jackson has enjoyed hiding bones. I have found bones in a closet, under a chair, buried in a basket of scarves, in between the seat cushions of a very expensive leather couch and in random kitchen cupboards that yes, he can open with his snout. He stopped hiding and burying his bones about 4 years ago when beautiful Daisy came home with us at 8 weeks of age. Obviously, because that garbage disposal of a canine ate anything she could get her soft damp lips around. The bone hider returns. Please observe. (Each video less than 35 seconds long, I am nothing if not to the point.)

In Temecula for a tennis tournament this weekend, we sat by the sidelines watching David lose to a very worthy opponent in three sets. The first bone goes into the ground under the edge of court 1.

Milk Bone #2. I was so amused, I wanted to see if he would do it again or give himself the pleasure of eating one. Watch how he pats the earth down with his snout, so it is nice and smooth and firm. No one would ever know someone had squirreled away a tasty treat for later snacking.

Milk Bone #3. Why stop now, I am so amused. Between D's match and mine, Jackson hung out in that shady corner for about 4 hours. He buried the bones almost immediately, and never retrieved them. Exhausted after my match, I didn't bother to get them either, and I kind of regret it. I wonder if he is thinking about them right now, like that little white dog in the Traveler's Insurance adverts?

And FYI, while this is supposed to be a food blog, let me remind you that Milk Bones are food.


MGS Photography said...

Haha, that's amazing!

Kristine G said...

I LOVE how he is such a thoughtful hider! Does he hide anything else?

Jessica said...

LOL!!!! Hilarious!

Food, she thought. said...

Thanks MGS! No, KGC, he does not hide anything else. And enjoy the laughs, Jess. Makes me laugh too!

SinoSoul said...

I wish I can hide my money as well as Jackson hides his bones... The thing is.. most dogs FORGET about the bones they hide, no?

Carrie said...

Three things por vous:

1. This post totally, 100% made my day.

2. It also confirmed for the 4,562nd time that I need to get a dog.

3. Jackson manages to continue to be sweetly adorable, and huge, puppy.

Food, she thought. said...

Sinosoul: He remembers every bone he hides, I swear. I once opened a closet in a room we hadn't used in WEEKS, he beelined straight for the back of the closet. I was all, WTF? He scampers out with a bone.


the woolly monkey said...

may we please have a dog post per week?
(I would ask per day, but I know you have responsibilities...)

next one could be, the return of the missing bones, when you take him back to the court so he gets to dig them up.
gourmet earth-aged milkbone, with some fresh spring water and a zest of organic carrot?

Anonymous said...

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