Monday, December 20, 2010

1642 Beer and Wine: It's Your New Local


1642 Beer and Wine
1642 W Temple St
Los AngelesCA 90026


On the night in question a 4 PM opening time was mentioned, which is prime time for me to swing by with a book for a glass of wine solo fresh off the highways and byways of one of my Southern California commutes to places far and wide.


1642 is just the type of bar I grew to love living in San Francisco and London. Slightly polished, reused urban space. One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is watching slightly decrepit neighborhoods develop fun highly desirable destinations. As I sit in my Echo Park domicile, newer spaces are creeping ever closer as the slightly downtrodden spaces in between West LA and DTLA start to be consumed by opportunistic retailers and restauranteurs. First Silverlake, then Hollywood, now Echo Park and we have all witnessed the very loud reiteration of a culturally rich downtown redevelopment. 1642 is just such a place. Currently, there is nothing else of note on this block, but it will be fun to watch that change.


1642 is located on that very traffic busy section of Temple, just south of the Glendale Boulevard exit off the 101, 11 blocks from my house and 800 meters from the infamous after hours joint Dinner House M.


Just serving beer and wine, they offer Portuguese white Vinho Verde, Washington pinots and syrahs (Paso Robles, please). They also offer beers bottled, canned and draughted.


Unfortunately for anyone with allergy issues, they house a very curious bar cat.  If this is to be a local, it will be my local, not our local. My husband is so allergic to cats that a fondue birthday party once landed him in bed for 3+ days. I am feeling a mah jongg here sometime in my near future. 1642 does not serve food, but it was certainly suggested to me on my last visit that they allow food from neighboring restos.


Filtered tap water is served cold from a bottle, but the service is warm and friendly.

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J.D.Weatherby said...

Love this - can't wait to try it one evening!