Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday Night and Nothing Much at All

There's nothing better than coming home from a business trip on Friday night to a busy weekend full of busyness loaded with promise. I'm not gonna cook tonight, but I'm gonna have a couple strong drinks and run around like a maniac with Jackson.

Drink du jour is Bacardi and Fresca. Fresca is an easy blend of sweet and bitter. I tm'd T to announce my new home cocktail a couple weeks ago, she responded "summer 2012". I thought, "now 2012". Drink and in the background my MIL's 75th birthday present, party tomorrow night. Can't wait.

These stools are one of the first things I see when I walk in the door. They are bar stools from HAC, or Hollywood Athletic Club, where I spent one evening a week swing dancing with the Moth back in the single days. Mom and I spied these years ago standing on Sunset, broken down and bitter outside the defunked Den of Antiquity. At the time, I thought, "I know Sue would appreciate these". Mom and I snapped them up; D and I later spent a small fortune to refurbish. Never regretted a penny. They are the center of our home. No lie.

On a joyful night guitar playing ensues, while dog mania accompanies on the paw-striking-floor (an under appreciated percussionary instrument).

When I take pictures like this I often remember something I said to a friend of a friend during the bravado of a foolish youth.

She was in the middle of a challenging photo journalism course at a London college and I was in the middle of vagabonding it around the world to avoid growing up in any way, shape or form. She lamented the fact her peers had the funds to travel abroad to take meaningful and striking photojournalistic shots in India, Dubai, South America...while her funds kept her firmly planted in the UK in un-newsworthy ground.

In the way only immature youth can, I surely informed her some of the most worthy shots are right in front of you, if you look deeply enough.

Not that I don't stand by my previous assessment. I do. I believe new happens all the time, in small and otherwise unnoticed events around us, we need to remain eyes wide open. However, many vagabond and somewhat iconoclastic years behind me... here I am. Happily snapping endless un-newsworthy shots of my dog, my husband's guitars and my Echo Park shack. There's nothing newsworthy here. Just a little joy on a Friday night. Waiting for someone to deliver dinner.


It's With A K said...

Beautifully expressed. It's so easy to get clouded by the daily grind that we unconsciously neglect precious moments, people and experiences. Thank you for the reminder :-)

SinoSoul said...

I miss "dog mania" so. Our pup has been relegated to the yard due to a certain someone's newborn allergy. It saddens me, so now and then I fluff up his kibbles with the finest left overs we have.