Thursday, April 10, 2008

"They're not CUPCAKES!",

I said adamantly for the third time. Inspired by a recent obsession with cupcake blogs and the little cakes made at, I decided to make Tracy's birthday dessert my damn self.

I had been dying to try silicon baking pans. They are supposedly easy to clean and foolproof with regard to depanning your baking. I bought these online at

The recipes that inspired these cakes were found at and altered according to my whim and circumstance. I wanted to make starkly contrasting flavors so I chose ancho-chili chocolate and grapefruit-pomegranite.

The chocolate cakes were iced with ancho-chili chocolate ganache and topped with shavings of Scharffenberger chocolate.

When shopping for ingredients, my local yup-mart was *gasp* out of pomegranite seeds. So to give a little extra kick I trebled the amount of grapefruit zest in the recipe. Amd because buttercream frosting should be banished from existence (nods to Karla) I frosted these with cream cheese frosting. Teh nom!

CJ's lamb. This guy can cook!

Before and after:

My all time favorite lewd gesture.

The more or less unused cocktail table.

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muriqui said...

can you come to my bday please?
I may have it strategically late - if you should visit, it would overlap with your arrival. :)