Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Corners of Los Angeles: What Has Craigslist Done For You?

The concept for this series came to me a couple of weeks ago, sitting in the passenger seat, camera in hand, stopped in traffic. If one has the leisure of paying more attention to their surroundings than the traffic signs and signals, one has the ability to watch flow of humanity through an intersection in urban Los Angeles, or record what gives neighborhoods character in such a vast concrete universe. The concept has come to fruition partially at the request of my friend living in Iceland, and our mutual wonder at the stark contrast between the bloggy observations that can occur in her world versus the type that occur in mine.

So, installation one.

At the corner of Sunset Blvd and Siverlake, heading down the hill from the boulevard and into deep Silverlake. I was dying to get out of the car and scribble all the wonderful things Craigslist has done for me, but alas, the light turned green.


the woolly monkey said...

on top of what you said, craig kept the trolls away from meeeee!
I still need to write him a love letter.

ECS said...

Heh, you're so in CL context for me that I was looking for the "be gentle and rate this post" link here so I could plus you on this one. Whoops :)