Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flipping Out for One Kid, One World

Let me introduce you to the beautiful and much commented upon flip flops handmade by a women's cooperative in Africa. These are sturdy, beautiful and unique. I have started to wear mine out and about now that spring hath sprung, and I receive at least one envying comment on them every single time.

green & white beading on my bizarrely short, wide feet

Tracy McCubbin of One Kid, One World brought back these stunningly lovely flip flops from her last trip to Kenya. She is now making these available on a donation basis to anyone acquainted or connected with One Kid, One World, her organization that works to help children in war torn and poverty stricken areas of the world. For more information on the organization and upcoming events, please navigate to their website:

black & white

Now, about those flips! I suggest you get them while you can from Tracy, because a buyer for a currently unmentionable shoe website is getting ready to place a wholesale order. This will make the flips more expensive and your shoe fetish funds will not be funneled through One Kid, One World. Ultimately, either way these shoes support a worthy cause.

gold & black

If you are interested in a pair, please email me. For now you can procure a pair of these in any one of the three color combinations shown above for your $40 donation. These can be a little hard to break in at first, being that the bottom is made of used tire. However, given several short wearing sessions, these literally mold to your feet and become incredibly comfy AND beautiful. Patience is a virtue, and so is beautiful footwear.

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