Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Night We Ran Away From Home

A reservation for 6 people on a Saturday night at 8 pm can be a hard thing to come by. And we had other requirements. The food must be decent. The restaurant must be east side. It must have a full bar. The atmosphere must be fun, yet the food must not be too pricey. The new Home in Echo Park/Silverlake at the corner of Fletcher and Riverside fit the bill on all counts.

However. No one wants to eat dinner listening to this.

Or this.

In what fresh hell are we existing when a lovely restaurant bar in Echo Park/Silverlake plays the Friday night soundtrack to Weho's Rage?

We quaffed a few drinks while considering the following. Can we get over the music to a large enough extent that we can actually have an entire meal? We shared a few fried bar apps, while visions of naked sweaty boxer clad flesh danced in our heads.

We asked for the soundtrack to be changed. Four times. D threatened to take off his shirt and dance on the bar. J offered the bartendress $10 to change the music. Denied!

Finally, the sensitive ears and vociferous mouths of the musicians in the group won, and we took our food & booze money elsewhere. I am really looking forward to having home as a local. I hope this particular dance mix isn't something the bar manager is married to.

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