Sunday, July 27, 2008

My New Most Favorite Blog...Al Dente

This blog is run by editors at, who "love to cook, decorate, garden, and most! We're in the know about the hottest products for the kitchen and home, including top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, unique cook's tools, chompable dog toys, must-have grills, mouthwatering gourmet food, and much, much more. Come back and visit us on our blog frequently to get our latest takes on the hippest things for your kitchen and home." So clearly this is a blogging venture aimed somewhat at making more money for amazon.

Nevertheless, they run a series of posts called the "Almost Edible Photo". One recent Almost Edible Photo is the following:

Apparently, cupcake shops around the country are now serving frosting shots. A'hem. Nom.

This little doozy is titled an "Almost (In) Edible Photo". Called a "Lutherburger", these are bacon cheeseburgers constructed inside a Krispy Kreme glazed.

I am not even sure what to say about this. So wrong, it is almost right.


chefectomy said...

F, ST - thanks for your visit, the cake sounds interesting.

The icing shots are definitely in vogue. We were in Portland earlier this year and had some at Cupcake Jones, really delish.

Very grossed out by the Lutherburger, I think jail time could be involved here...


Yvo said...

lol, yea, Frosting Shots are sweeping the country... my sweet tooth has long grown too long to enjoy that :) Do you read Cupcakes Take the Cake? They were blogging about that a lot a few weeks ago (there were newspaper articles on the very same, and tons of Flickr shots... if you like photo blogs, most of what they do is post decadent photos of cupcakes... it's enough to drive a non-sweets-driven woman like myself, mad for a cupcake!).

Thanks for the comments, also! About my camera (I wasn't sure if you'd come back to read the comments? I'm never sure how this thing works): I currently use a Canon SD550. Nothing fancy, just a point & shoot that I've learned to hold very, very steady when I take my food shots, since they're all without flash. I'll be upgrading soon? hopefully? but not much, as the dSLRs are just too big and unwieldy for me to lug everywhere (my trusty P&S goes with me EVERYWHERE).

Let me know if that answered your question! <3 Cheers,