Wednesday, July 16, 2008

!!!!Lotta_Cox gets a nod on EaterLA!!!!

EaterLa, my holy grail of LA food blogs, gave my alter ego Lotta_Cox's recent posting a link! Happy day! Apparently, she was complaining (kind of, not really) about the lack of food at the Bastille Day benefit for Chef Billy Walsh at the Foundry.

Chef Billy Walsh of Osteria Latini was in a scooter accident in May sans health insurance. Funds raised will go to assist Walsh in his recovery. The benefit at the Foundry was hosted by Eric Greenspan, natch, with chefs from Providence and Craft, along with bartenders from The Doheny, Malo, Osteria Mozza, Comme Ca, The Edison and Gordon Ramsay. The bartenders were brilliant, the drinks lovely. Greenspan meandered around as usual, and Reid Scott from My Boys seemed to be hosting. It's a blast to have such excellent people watching when the natives are friendly and the cause is good.

Check out the link for Balshtille Day at the Foundry! I remain as sheepish as ever about even deigning to complain about the food. But I will not be sheepish (at this stage anyway) about a little self promotion!

Go Lotta! Rock on with your frock on!

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Alberto said...

Just "met" you on 'Tuna Toast', by/of Tokyoastrogirl, another LA food&bev&slow life lover as you.
And just felt like blogrolling you without any mercy ;o).