Monday, September 22, 2008

Back for More at the SW, Las Vegas

I have eaten at the SW Steakhouse three times, and every time is a succeed. Two of the three times we have eaten at the bar. The bartenders are cordial and friendly without being subservient in any way. I sometimes feel as though I am hanging out in their kitchen, having a nosh while they entertain one another.

Dinner starts with this beautiful bread basket. Being a thoroughly modern woman, I am rarely swayed by the bread basket. However, the rounded ones with the cross hatching are biscuits with crusty, crunchy parm on top. I always have a delicious nibble of this while waiting for supper.

I love this appetizer. The photo does not do it justice. It is prosciutto wrapped asparagus & enoki mushrooms with frisee and a poached quail egg, and a wide slice of crunchy prosciutto across the top of the dish. This slice has been baked or broiled to a delicious crispness, adding something fun to the textures of this salad. Drizzled over the asparagus is a truffle vinaigrette. I could eat this as an entree. Eat it.

As per usual, D ordered the blue fin and yellowtail tartare to start. This one was, of course, wonderful. The bottom is the blue fin tuna, then lots of cucumber with a light Asian dressing, yellowtail on top, sitting abed long slices of cucumber. Beautiful to look and and fun to photograph.

This might be my favorite steak on the planet. A simple 8 oz filet. I ordered it medium and could actually have used it a hair more on the rare side. Something to remember. I always maintain that Mastro's is my favorite steak, and I need to temper that from now on by saying Mastro's is my favorite steak in LA. This steak is a beautiful cut, just marbled enough to bring out the flavors without ever feeling any less lean than it should.

I love the sauces Chef Walzog offers on the side. From the left...jalapeno sauce, very light and tangy. The Bearnaise sauce in the middle is also fairly light, lots of tarragon. And on the far right is a lively BBQ sauce. I like to mix a little pool of all three swirled gently together on the side of my plate and dip away, a little of this, a little of that.

The adorable garnish on my plate is a bleu cheese moussey kind of thing on a puff pastry with a tall sprig of rosemary popping right out. It tastes quite nice...

D is a fool for consistency. He had the diver scallops on a Parmesan-spring pea risotto with black truffles. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo.

And last, but definitely not least, are the sides. This night was sauteed mushrooms and leaks and they were awesome. I love how the sides come in little copper pans. I know someone commits a labor of love polishing these to perfection every night (or not, maybe it is torture, like it was when I was a kid). They keep the heat in your veg perfectly as you nibble away at your meal.

Thanks, SW.

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