Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rosenthal Vineyards on the PCH

On a lazy hung over Sunday, we decided to pack of the hounds and drive west, west, west. We ended up perusing the PCH, watching the ocean and the late afternoon sunshine.

Looking for somewhere for the D to have lunch and me to sip at a glass of wine, I yelp'd up the hood and found this wee gem of a wine tasting room. Rosenthal wine tasting room, with a lovely outdoor patio that has a view of the sparklingly cold Pacific.

They were super cool about the hounds, they let us bring them to the patio as long as they stayed outside the lil' picket fence.

We tasted their 4-tiered flight. First a dry pinot gris, not that dry for a pinto gris. Pretty much right on the money. An extremely atypical chardonnay with none of the heavy handedness California is noted for in our chards. Next a merlot which I enjoyed hugely. The fourth, a cabernet sauvignon which was pretty simplistic for a cab, but had a nice flavor.

The kids became the mascots of the day. Customers and both bartenders came out to say hello to the hounds.

Daisy says hello!

Rosenthal is located in the same parking lot as Beau Rivage, a romantic looking spot with some mixed reviews for food.

As the sun set and we returned from our walk along the coastline, this restaurant started to look prettier and prettier.

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