Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Table Drama

I love to look at the beautiful ways other people set their Thanksgiving table. The more drama and color the better.

I always love being at B's house. There are interesting things to look at, laid out in an artistic and creative fashion. It feels like home, but with a quirky, funky edge.

She has a small collection of vintage salt & pepper shakers. These are the puppies, on antique linens her Italian grandmother no doubt hand embroidered.

The turkeys. Out for their annual parade about the holiday table.

And the Amish man. He sit resolutely in his rocker, sternly committed to having no fun. No fun at all.

And the jolly piglets. No commentary on the merry makers and the good time to be had at the table in a few short hours. The dice are in the background.

And this is Samson. He is the prototype after which all white German Shepherd Dogs are modeled, if they are lucky.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sammy!

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