Monday, January 19, 2009

Fleet Foxes on SNL

I have been a little obsessed with Fleet Foxes' Winter Hymnal since, ironically, last summer. This last Saturday they were a beacon of talent in an otherwise tepid SNL broadcast.

They played Blue Ridge Mountains:

And Mykonos:

At what point did hipsters start dressing as students from Humboldt County? We ran into some similarly dressed hipsters at The Well Saturday evening, and I thought they were taking the piss. They were not from LA. I realize now, years after my own hipster phase, that LA is not really that hip. A great place to have a career, an outdoor lifestyle, get discovered at a soda counter, but really, not that hip. That's OK. It's January 19th and I am going to play tennis in the 80 degree sunshine. To Hades with hipness. I left it behind with my Doc Martens and vintage dresses years ago.


Loving Annie said...

Music is fun to listen to, no matter what you wear :)

Enjoy the tennis and the warm weather !

Food, she thought. said...

Oh, you know Annie, it's really me musing on my hipster past and current lack thereof. Nothing more, nothing less. And this music is wonderful, it makes my soul smile.