Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Recent Obsession: Laduree Macarons

photo courtesy of Laduree

During a recent elongated session of interweb browsing, I became obsessed with Laduree macarons.

photo courtesy of TNT adventures

Dozens of bloggers are obsessed with eating, baking and searching out local worthy dupes of Parisian Laduree macarons.

photo courtesy of TNT adventures

The opened box of mixed flavor macarons.

photo courtesy of TNT adventures

Caramel and sea salt macaron.

photo courtesy of Laduree

Chocolate macaron, which I will be making next weekend from a recipe courtesy of David Liebovitz.

photo courtesy of Laduree

Raspberry macarons, which tempt me hugely. I imagine these to have a very jammy filling.

photo courtesy of Laduree

Citrus and basil macarons. Not even sure this flavor combo tempts me, but how beautiful are they?


Frequent Traveler said...

Your pictures of the macarons are gorgeous, and have me drooling !

Anonymous said...

dayuummmmmmmmm ... now I want some ... can't wait til you blog about your baking ... :) homemade is even schweeter! :)

TNT Adventures said...

I can't wait either to read and see about your magnificant macarons! I think you would really enjoy reading a post about a blogger from New York who blogged about her experiences with baking macarons.
Here is the link:

Food, she thought. said...

Although the pics are indeed gorgeous, none of them are mine. Some are from TNT Adventures, a food blog, and the rest are from the Laduree site itself. Pics from my own kitchen will be coming next week.

You can look forward to these in May. I will take flavor requests!