Friday, February 20, 2009

Stearns 2009

Certain readers of this blog are fascinated by the whole Havasu connection. I get accused of being a co-ed, GGW, or a desert rat. I've been asked if I wear pasties and get drunk on a boat in the lake every time I am there. The answer to all of the above is no. I am not. But some of my very favorite people own a gorgeous home and a restaurant/bar in Lake Havasu City. We go there to get away from it all. And by getting away from it all, I really mean getting away from IT ALL.

The food at Stearn's is damn good. It ain't organic, low fat, raw or tofu based. But is is consistently good. I wrote an exhaustive entry in 2008 about the food. Use the search function if you want a blow by blow. I am too lazy today to make a link. Maybe I will do it tomorrow.

I adore the signage about the restaurant. This is for the little girls' room.

And this is for the boys'.

This houses the toilet paper, ain't it grand?

And the patrons both manage to keep their sharpies in their pockets and the verbiage on the chalkboard clean. Nice.

It's arty in there, partially due to C's artsy fartsy beautiful photo skills, mad skills. And these posters which harken back to the day of Carbon and Smart Brown Handbag shows at The Viper Room, Three Clubs, The Bargain Clown Mart, the Garage, and anywhere else they might have been playing.

Live. At the Garage. Celebrating Sulfur.

I have heard Stearns throws a mean Superbowl party.

Flick likes his beer. Stearns is more of a Beam and coke guy.

Look out when C starts knocking back the tequila. Everyone is in for a good night.

I am in awe of how handy Flick is. He made these light fixtures by hand from some stuff he found at the hardware store.

He aged both the light fixtures and the corrugated metal ceiling coverings by throwing acid on them and burying them in the dirt for a piece. Both members of this couple are kinda artsy fartsy. Flick might just be a little...well, you know.

Stearns' dad, Papa Stearns, spent some time in Lake Havasu City living in a trailer and helping the boys put together the interior. I think they all did a great job. The seats are comfy and you can push aside the tables to make room for dancing.

The boys also added some quality TVs for watching sports. I spent an inordinate amount of time in this bar last summer watching the French Open. And drinking their Bacardi.

Even though this post is not about the food, per se, we did snarf down a fair amount of their food President's Day weekend. One brunch started with their delicious Bloody Mary's for almost everyone. C had a Bloody Maria, natch.

I indulged myself in their biscuits and gravy. Were they as good as they look? Better.

J had to help me with this monstrous sized portion.

And no discussion of Stearns would be complete without mention of the ubiquitous fried pickles. Pickle my dickle.

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Anonymous said...

the celery looked like a little cactus in your bloody mary. :)