Saturday, December 10, 2011

Three Veggie Tastes at Lazy Ox Canteen

241 South San Pedro
Los Angeles, CA 90012

On the afternoon of my last business trip to now beloved Paso Robles, D and I swung by Lazy Ox for a quick late lunch before I hit the road. We snoozled up to the bar, received service perfection, and noshed at a variety of primarily vegetable dishes. My personal barometer of excellent chefdom is measured by treatment of the vegetables. In all three dishes (even the third where the shrimp looks prominent in the snap) veggies headline and protein is the accessory. The perfect balance of acid, savory, sweet, and spicy in all dishes is why Lazy Ox has made such a name for itself in Los Angeles. The J. Gold 99 Essential, three stars by Irene, impressing the typically more upscale KevinEats, and pleasing whoever the hell this guy is.


brussel sprouts w/ spanish chorizo


caramelized cauliflower w/ pine nuts, chile & mint


grilled cabbage w/ piquillo pepper & almonds, shrimp

Although it claims to be a gastrupub, I find little or nothing pubby about it. This is a food person's restaurant that happens to have an incredibly well crafted beer and wine list. None of the fray tipified by a true gastropub like The Eagle or The Village Idiot. I used my Blackboard Eats 20% coupon, which covers tax and tip. And I already have reservations for a special holiday dinner coming right up. 

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Upscale eh? :D

It's been a while Liz!