Monday, September 22, 2008

Gourd-geous at the Bellagio Gardens in the Fall

Something I try to never miss when I am stealing a weekend in Vegas is a stroll through the indoor gardens at the Bellagio.

This trip the focus was on fall, fall, fall..with all the expected accompaniments. Gourds galore, pumpkins, apple trees, and a myriad of mysterious creatures.

These tree monsters entranced me. Their faces moved mechanically, in such handsome and hypnotic ways.

I don't associate moss-like fairy creatures with fall particularly, but they were so charming.

In the background below you can see giant Venus fly traps. Below is one pod, all slowly moving with the same simple but lovely mechanics...slowly closing and opening.

One giant pod. Don't let your children get too close, fanny packers.

The obligatory happy scarecrow.

This gorgeous brass tree dripped water falling from a sprinkler system overhead, surrounded by brass pussy willows in an indoor pond. With the light coming from the windows above, this was just so pretty.

The mossy waterwheel hinted at a haunted mill, a la Scooby Doo.

And on the way out the door, back into the land of dirty cash and souls for sale I looked up to the sky through the kind of autumnal leaf change one will never see in Las Vegas.

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