Thursday, September 11, 2008

I left my heart....

On Sunday, we planned to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA. However, the line to both buy tickets and get in the door was so long it changed our minds for us.

So what to do with 5 hours in a sunny and warm Sunday in San Francisco? Simply walk the streets. We started by window shopping in Union Square. Apparently, Chanel is pushing sweater dresses this fall.

The John Varvatos mother-ship calling D home:

This Lacoste outfit is the cutest thing. Mommy, I want it NOW!

This Gucci outfit made me laugh out loud. Clearly, this is either designed for idiots or gay pirates. I am unsure which.

The newish Neiman Marcus facade. The stained glass ceiling of the rotunda remains the same, but this new front lets in the beautiful light, when there is such a thing in SF.

This lovely little deli with tables in the street of Maiden Lane was calling to my eyes, but my tummy wasn't hungry yet.

There is always something special at the Egyptian Cafe on Market, veddy close to the Four Seasons.

Where else but in San Francisco is Old Navy housed in a historically significant building?

Passing by the cigar shop...

I saw this chess set made of Jack Daniel's icons. I thought of Josh S.

The Beat Museum in North Beach has only been opened for two years. I could have spent all afternoon browsing, perusing and chatting with the young man behind the counter...

The mural.

I remember being a very young 21, trying to drive up this hill in a stickshift, looking for parking to go to a show at The Stone. Dumb. Just dumb.

I have always been entranced with the colorful street signs of the seedy strip joints in North Beach. They are beautifully old school

Somewhere in North Beach, there is a mechanical toy store. They had this miniature scenario set up in the window, papparazzi clambering for photos of the strong man and the world's tallest man. It's hard to see from this pic, but one of the pap in the fromt has been knocked to the ground. I am guessing the strong man kicked his ass. I didn't see a Cameron Diaz doll anywhere.

And of course, for P and for me, I had to stop by the world's greatest coffee shop ever. I have beautiful memories of drinking espresso at the Trieste with my boyfriend who rode the coolest Ducati.

Trips to San Francisco are bittersweet for me. I left part of my heart when I moved from there, always intending to move back again and retrieve it.


ECS said...

what a great post! It felt like I was walking around with you, thanks to all the wonderful photos of the crazy little details you encountered on the way. I've only been to SF once but you definitely captured the feeling of the city, and your love of it. Bravo!

Kristine :) said...

*sings I Left my heart in San Francisco...* beautiful photo blog, you!