Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are Fernando Verdasco and His Fauxhawk the Best Lefty Forehand in Tennis?

He's quite a specimen, that Fernando Verdasco. We had the pleasure of watching him school Frenchman Richard (Ree-shard) Gasquet (Gas-kay) in 2 sets, 6-2, 6-2 in the beautiful desert sunshine.

Many players on the ATP tour today consider Verdasco's lefty forehand to be the best in tennis right now. Watch for yourself and see.

As you watch these three short clips, see if you can figure out which points he won and which points he lost.

All three clips are less than 15 seconds.

Hint: the only point he lost was the last one.

Today Verdasco beat Kohlschreiber to make it into the semifinals this week with the likes of Roddick, Federer, Del Potro, Murray, Djokovic and Ljubicic.


Kristine G. said...

Federer is going to be jealous that you're looking at someone new. :) hehe j/k

Food, she thought. said...


he knows where my loyalties lie! he beat verdasco last night, and he & his GF are preg!

MikeyCastle said...

He lost the 2nd point also. You can hear the line call just before the video finishes..

However, this Indian Wells tournament was the best I've seen him serve for a long time. He's one of the cleanest hitters of the ball on the tour but has struggled serve-wise, particularly on the 2nd. But last year.. Incredible improvement! It's why he did so well for a lot of last year!