Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corby Kummer of The Atlantic Food Channel Hits Up Food, She Thought

Corby Kummer is heading a pack of talented writers to produce a blog for The Atlantic's online magazine food blog, The Food Channel. It promises to be a new and fresh voice in food writing.

One of Kummer's early commentaries opines about a recent experience at L.A.'s own The Bazaar. While I do not agree with Kummer's assessment of who gets and who doesn't get good service at restaurants in L.A., I do agree with his choice in photography. Some busy little bee over at The Atlantic found my photos floating around the interwebs somewhere and fancied them to add some imagery to Kummer's opining. I am both pleased and flattered. Have a look-see at the new food voice on the webs, The Food Channel, and check out the the linkage to yours truly.

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Nice plug on The Food Channel!