Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gastrobus Saturday

Gastrobus Roadside Bistro
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Checking out my Twitter feed pre-Saturday tennis and errand running, I saw that GastroBus was going to be in the hood right around my post-tennis lunchtime. Score. We pulled up to Hillhurst and Price, right where they said they would be, illegally parked and strolled up for some grubbing.

Nice little menu, I was intrigued by the dates but trying to be healthy so instead ordered a BLT and a sweet corn salad. D caved on the skirt steak sandwich with tomatoes and chimichurri. The prices are certainly right and their attitude was lovely. We chatted with Lana at the counter while Tony made our sandwiches.

The sparkling clean Gastrobus is cheffed by Tony Medina, formerly of the Wolfgang Puck group and some restaurant in Larchmont. Tony and his wife Lana decided to start a business venture together, and the time was right for a gastrotruck. Tis the era of the gastrotruck revolution and all.

They cook Saturday evenings at the Hollywood Outdoor Cinema, a Hollywood event I steer clear of due to the long lines to get in during the summer. D does not do lines.

Corn salad. Sublime. Best part of the meal. Made from sweet corn, raw bell peppers and cucumbers, I was having a hard time identifying the herbs. They were a combo of tarragon and cilantro. Great flavor mixture.

D tore into his skirt steak sandwich, delicious. Small chunks of skirt steak so you didn't have to tear at the beef with your teeth to get a mouthful. I loved the chimichurri, thought it added an interesting flavor not entirely unlike pesto but with more kick. Served on a ciabatta roll.

I attempted to tackle the massive BLT. This would have been easier had the sandwich been cut in two.

Smokey soft cooked bacon, layers of iceberg lettuce and huge chunks of tomato with lots of whole grain mustard on toasted sourdough. Good.

I would totally hit Gastrobus again for lunch when we are in the same hood. Way better than diner food for about the same price. Easy for car-eating.

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Kristine G. said...

I am a BLT lover as well. L: have you discovered an LA dessert truck yet? Like the one C's friend started in SF?

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Food She Thought,

Thanks for the report. :) It's definitely nice to see Food Trucks that are diversifying and offering some pretty nice quick bite options. Can't wait to try it.