Monday, August 10, 2009

What's Up in the Blogosphere

With nothing much to report on after a week working the nether regions of California and another week of the same to come, I decided to share with you reportage from blogs of note close to my heart.

Matt of launches his series, The Pantheon of Animals on Food GPS. Matt describes this carnivorous series as ranking the animals used for cooking and eating according to four criteria: Tastiness, Usefulness, Versatility, and Relevance. He starts the series with the 10th ranked animal, the turkey.

itself reports that Chef/Partner Gary Menes is leaving Palate Food + Wine to chef at Marche, an opening replacing Max in Studio City. Leaving me wondering, who will be in the kitchen at Palate?

Marion Nestle at The Atlantic detangles the undetangleable House Bill HR 2749 and Senate Bill S 510, both bills pertaining to responsibilities of the FDA

Kevin from KevinEats finally Eats at Hatfield's on their second to the last day of service. Hatfield's will reopen per EaterLA in the closed Red Pearl space on the corner of Melrose and Citrus. I still yearn for Alex Scrimgeour's food served there in the self-named Alex from years ago. Le sigh. Alex returned to London and never came back. As far as I know and seem to be able to find out.

Javier the Teenage Glutster confronts the durian.

SIV has been lurking around LA Live to share this about Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill.

Top Chef Eating: Preview of the now open Stefan's at The Farm courtesy of ShopEatSleep, and The Gorbals by Ilan Hall coming to DTLA within the next week or so, and Marcel Vigneron still working back of house at Jose Andres' The Bazaar, spotted by yours truly seeking Pinkberry on a break from working the Bazaar booth in the VIP lounge at Plate by Plate last weekend. Holy run-on sentence, Batgirl.

Top Chef Blogging: Per Twitter this morning, Top Chetestant Jamie Lauren will be blogging about Top Chef Vegas each week. @ChefJamieLauren, blogging at

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