Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Fun #1: An Attorney Makes Goins' Short Ribs for Obama

In an effort to make Food. She Thought a more interactive space this summer for my readers and myself I have started a poll! And what better way to kick off the early summer fun than with my mom, sandwiched in between Mother's Day and her birthday.

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Mom is a corporate bankruptcy attorney, working hard over the last year in Sacramento and parts of northern California. She is a mad cook, and the genesis of my love and obsession with food and its trappings can surely be found in my childhood.

Cooking; collecting antiques and (in a very small way) art;
gardening; wine and food.

Last meal you ate:
Buffalo wing salad for lunch.

Ice cream treat preference:
Jamocha almond fudge or peach Melba.

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Obama is coming to dinner! What would you serve for a 5 course meal?
Stuffed mushrooms; mixed baby greens with pears and pomegranate
seeds; short ribs with pureed potatoes [recipe from Sunday Suppers at Lucques]; and panna cotta with Melba sauce.

image courtesy of Hakka House Blog

Desert island 3:
Lemon grass grilled shrimp; mango/raspberry/honeydew melon
fruit salad with lime vinaigrette; and Vietnamese salad rolls. (I'm
picturing the island as warm.)

image courtesy of Popular Asians

Cooking mishap?
Overcooking shrimp on the barbie.

Ethic/culinary heritage? Do you cook anything traditional to this heritage?
Scottish; are you kidding? Bangers and haggis? Not a chance!

image courtesy of Sales in Scotland

How did you learn to cook?
Self taught - I saw articles about all those wonderful dishes, and
thought that the only way I'd get to try them was to cook them myself.

One thing you will never eat.
Haggis; insects.

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