Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Fun #2: Small Business Owner Driven Insane by The Food Network

Kristine is a small business owner working and employing people in the construction industry. I know from personal experience she loves cooking, dining out, eating other people's food and sharing her own. She always has 20 questions (or more) about everyone else's food experiences.

Reading (does this count as a hobby?) & I'm starting to get into photography.

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Last meal you ate:

Just got back from lunch and had half a rack of baby back ribs with honey BBQ sauce, corn casserole, cole slaw, and a biscuit. NOM!

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Popsicle flavor/ice cream treat preference:

Popsicle flavor = A good old skool Big Stick (cherry & pineapple)
Ice-Cream = Chocolate & Hazelnut Gelato (Villa Dolce is a good one that I can get at a regular grocery store.)

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Obama is coming to dinner! What would you serve for a 5 course meal?

Probably something simple and hearty. I am learning to be a better cook but one thing but when I entertain I usually stick to my tried-and-true menu.

1st Course: A simple salad. Probably with some bleu cheese, dried cranberries/cherries in a balsamic vinaigrette

2nd Course: Baked/broiled shrimp dish I make with olives, olive oil, salt & pepper. The oil is great for dipping bread into, as well.

3rd Course: Filet Mignon with sauteed green beans or asparagus, I make a good mac & cheese with caramelized shallots and goat cheese, too.

4th Course: (Damn, I don't think I've ever cooked a five course menu at home. It's always been 3 or buffet-style). Hmmm ... If I'm trying to be fancy I guess I could serve a sorbet of some kind. Maybe something a little tart like lilikoi/passionfruit.

5th Course: a fig tart with a cheeseplate! :)

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Desert island 3:

You mean a 3 course meal on a desert island? Are we doing this Les Stroud-style? ;)
1st: Some kind of ceviche with fresh fish, shrimp, citrus.

2nd: Some kind of grilled/broiled fish with a simple rice and local veggies

3rd: A simple platter of fresh fruit from around the Island

Cooking mishap?
I focked up on my first Thanksgiving turkey (but who doesn't) ... it's like a rite of passage in the kitchen, right? LOL

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Ethnic/culinary heritage? Do you cook anything traditional to this heritage?

100% Korean. I have tried my hand at Korean-inspired meals but I leave the true Korean food to my mom.

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How did you learn to cook?

Come to think of it, I never really spent too much time in the kitchen with my mom. I recall stirring the pot or cutting some veggies when she asked but we never bonded too much in to the kitchen. I've learned (and am still learning) to cook on my own. Actually, when the DH and I first moved into together (we were 21), I went through a crazed Food Network phase and got a lot of inspiration from all the cooking shows. My fave FN personalities are Giada & Tyler Florence.

One thing you will never eat.
Shark. As much as I admire a lot of aspects of Japanese culture I think it's fucked up how little they regard the shark.

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