Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday Meme

I am waiting interminably for iVideos of Jackson to upload from my iPhone onto my iMac. I order to get on with my iLife, I will complete an iMeme, just until something more substantial is available to blog about. Seen first at Chatiry World, a lovely little blog generated in the UK.

The Foodie Confessions Meme


1. My trademark recipe: I don't have a trademark, per se. I get inspired when eating a certain dish, and tend to try to recreate those in my home. I am currently obsessed with John Sedlar's Mexico City Sundae.

2. Kitchen gadget or accessory I couldn't live without: corkscrew

3. Biggest kitchen handicap: I'd rather eat out.

4. Dish/technique that I want to learn: I'd like to cure bacon from scratch in order to participate in Michael Ruhlman's BLT challenge. I won't tell you what my idea for the challenge is because I think you will copy it the way someone in an online chatroom stole that L.A.M.B. purse out from underneath me on eBay. And I am currently constructing a hat out of tin foil.

5. My top cooking tip: Don't feel hemmed in by a recipe. Do some reading to understand the chemistry involved, then close the book. For everything but baking.

6. Favourite cuisine/food style: Japanese.

7. Favourite cook book: To look at & dream, Heston Bluementhal's Big Fat Duck. To use, the cookbook Mom made from all her recipes with the post-it notes of memorable occasions, and which was whose favorite and so on. Best book in the house. Blumenthal would be lucky to get his hands on one.

8. Favourite chef: John Rivera Sedlar, Ludo Lefebvre, and my mom (she could have been a chef, she's mad enough and loves food enough and can get really angry, but I think she's more of an amazing cook than a chef. But so what? This is my meme.)

9. Favourite food programme: Top Chef. Although, I am starting to adore Throw Down with Bobby Flay. He clearly has so much respect for these people's skills and culture. He has really begun to woo me.

10. Favourite food magazine: They publish food magazines? I don't really read them, but I do enjoy flipping through Bon Appetit.

11. Favourite local restaurant: Izayoi or Ludobites, right now.


12. Favourite foodie website: There are so many I love, I cannot begin to narrow it down to even 5. Blogs, news sites, recipes, reviews sites. This is my life, strangely.

13. Favourite recipe search: Epicurious. Fast and easy on desk top or iPhone, a great reference for figuring out why things work the way they work and then immediately doing it differently.

14. Online recipe binder: I am not really a recipe collector.

15. Favourite food blog: Again, just cannot go there. I love so many for so many reasons. Sinosoul because he's angry at food, because he so earnestly loves the food experience, Oishii Eats! for the photography, Teenage Glutster and LAOCFoodie for their soundbites, Food GPS and Caroline on Crack for the news and happs, and so on and so forth and on and on and on.


Do I have to?

16. Main course: broiled miso salmon with ginger and green onions

17. Quickie: Scrambled eggs with a little cream, green onions, cheese & truffle salt. I eat this alone in front of the tv sitting cross legged protecting my plate from Jackson because he loves scrambled eggs.

18. Soup/salad: Anything with arugula and red onions.

19. Baked treat or dessert: As referenced above, John Sedlar's Mexico City Sundae. But this current infatuation will be gone in about the same amount of time the macaron fetish lasted. I give it another 3 weeks, tops.

20. Self-invented (or adapted): Everything made in my kitchen, ever.

I would love for any readers to email me their meme...I am fascinated by other people's kitchen habits. There could be a book deal in my fascination somewhere.

And my husband just vacuumed up a pair of my panties with the Dyson hand vac.


Food GPS said...

Wow, this is really comprehensive. Very cool that you share so much. Might as well chime in with a few categories.

My favorite food magazine is Gourmet, by far. My favorite cookbook is The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook. My favorite recipe search is also Epicurious, since they draw from two of the best recipe sources.

Rivera's Mexico City Sundae is definitely amazing.

Thanks for mentioning Food GPS. I'd include most of the blogs you mentioned on my food blog shortlist.

Food, she thought. said...

If you ever head up my hill, GPS, I will make you my home version of the Mexico City Sundae. I am going to get another opportunity to try for a little extra heat this coming weekend.