Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 Nights in Bakersfield: Night #1

Late in the first night of my two separate weeks in Bakersfield, D and I crossed the parking lot of the Double Tree Inn to nosh at the Black Angus. I gotta say, it weren't fancy, but it tasted good.

Simple, crispy green salad with lots o' veggies. Very fresh.

8 oz filet mignon w/sauteed onions on the side. Clean baked spud. Steamed mixed veg. I ate it and it was all good. I ate a lot of stuff in Bakersfield later in the week that made me wish I had gone back to Black Angus. Later in the week I was also perusing Chowhound message boards. Rereading the thread about the disappointment of Cut in Beverly Hills, I wish I had eaten a very decent steak at Black Angus both nights I went to Cut and had put that cash into my ING account instead.


Anonymous said...

Black Angus is HORRID! Those are grocery store steaks, not real prime! You lost a lot of credibility with me on that one... Wow!

Food, she thought. said...

Honestly, my service at Black Angus was better, the attitude was in check and the food was very serviceable. Given the interesting tone of this thread of anonymous comments on all these year old Bakersfield posts, I doubt I ever had your credibility.