Saturday, July 5, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

Recently, in a conversation with a friend, I can be quoted as saying that blogging is the ultimate in contemporary narcissism. People write, most times, for a somewhat amorphous or even non-existent audience. People write about the world through the lens of their own perspective with or without a particular focus.

Why did I start this blog? I enjoy the act of writing. Writing is like a puzzle to me. Finding the write words and structure to express ideas, thoughts and impressions.

Why food? I have a life long history with food. I have been eating it since before I was born. I was also raised by an intense type A foodie. I have worked at nearly every level of restaurant on the planet starting at an 1980's 'Bucks style cafe, pulled pints in a London pub, tended an American bar and served in a high end French restaurant in posh Knightsbridge neighborhood, and clocked a number of years in a seafood place in an old tile warehouse in Soma, San Francisco. I grew up not far from the California wine country in a city that understands the importance of wine at every level of dining in a way Los Angeles never will.

I love to eat. I love to analyze nearly everything, at least briefly, before shaking my head and moving on. I am also immensely enjoying having a forum through which to publish and relive some of my major adventures, usually accompanied by my wonderful, loving and ultimately super fun husband. We both like to peruse old entries and revisit moments, meals, places and people.

Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to blog or die.

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