Monday, July 21, 2008

Chi Dynasty, Reopened

According to a source close to my heart, long time favorite Chinese restaurant in Los Feliz, Chi Dynasty has reopened down the road next to Ye Rustic Inn on Hillhurst.

According to my source, the Asian (non-Chinese) landlords at the old space kicked out the owners of the old establishment, lured away their waiters and their sous-chef and tried to continue operations under the name Chi Dynasty. Oh, the humanity.

The old owners apparently sued and got the name back. Now they are next to everyone's favorite sticky floored watering hole on the 2100 block of Hillhurst.

I will go to bed tonight dreaming of Chinese chicken salad, sauteed long green beans and countless Mai Tais. I will be visiting this weekend at the new location.

This news was sent to me from a small computer at the bottom of someone's purse.

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Anonymous said...

Lib - New is just as good as the old, smaller space, but just as tasty...a x