Friday, October 15, 2010

Indian Summer Mah Jongg

The setting:  Cameron & Steve's house in Beachwood Canyon.


Where southern charm meets California casual.


It has got to be an Indian Summer because it's 95 outside and there are pumpkins on the veranda.


The purpose: T told her friend Josh from One Kid, One World about the members who make up our mah jongg group he said, "That's not mah jongg, that's just drinking with tiles." And? What's your point?


Tossing the tiles with wild abandon.


Just getting started. You can tell, the glasses are still clean.


Building a mahj. I won two games that day...but at this stage in our learning we are taking quite a long time to play full games. It's not just our knowledge that inhibits our speed, it's also the joy of the company.


Dog of the day: Fanny.


Cheese plate. Herbed Gloucester was delicious.


Progressing through the fourth challenge in Project Food Blog, I happened to have something delicious on hand to fuel our fun. In the rear is my Project Food Blog chicken liver pate.  I also brought along leek confit, inspired by another blogger from the same contest.


The Cilantropist is one of my new most favorite blogs.


The Cilantropist serves leek confit over goat cheese with slices of fresh pear on top. Just as delicious as it sounds. Super easy.


Tourondel's chicken liver pate on ciabatta with apricot jam. This was lunch and dinner.


Naughtiness in coaster form. This was the least naughty of all the coasters. You catch my drift?


T & I stayed until Steve and Cameron gave us the boot and the sun was going down. I fear the day we schedule mah jongg and no one else has plans after. They might find us there, days later. Dehydrated from a steady flow of booze, cross eyed from staring at the tiles. And really none the worse for wear.


eastside food bites said...

This a fantastic post! Love the cheese.

lynn said...

i haven't played mah jong in forever! i love the sound of "washing" the tiles.

Joanne said...

Mah jongg is one of those games that I've heard a lot about but have absolutely no idea how to play. You're kind of making me want to play it. While drinking red wine. and eating pate.

Where The Wind Blow said...

If you want to learn mah jongg, there are probably instructors in your area:
Go to for teachers and tournament information.

The beautiful tiles can be purchased at

muriqui said...

Your pictures are amazing.
Every time I surface from a bout of self-absorbed knitting, I'm totally blown away by all the evolution.
Also, this new trend in your posts of telling people how to make food makes me go all gooey inside. Much too gooey to absorb the information, of course, but I'll try again when it's not the early morning...

Food, she thought. said...

@eastside the cheese was part of an all around deliciousness. this mah jonng crowd knows how to throw down good food!

@actor's diet our group is addicted. we are now playing once every two weeks at least. the tiles are so magnetic

@wherethewindblows i bought my mah jongg set from you! and we have an amazing instructor! Mah Jongg Johni!

@Muriqui you are one of the main reasons i like to post how-tos. I know you love them, and what you love, I love.