Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to Vote for Project Food Blog Round 4: Picture Perfect

Vote here to help me get to round 5!

Before (after) I even ask you to step up to the plate again, taking your personal time away from work, play or self destruction, let me thank you. Fifty percent of my advancement in this contest relies on the votes of people like you. Thank you, friends, family and readers who are joining in to vote for my posts. I appreciate it deeply. It's great to know you are in my corner!

wooden caviar spoons Petrossian
caviar spoons

The other 50% is reliant upon my post itself, following the guidelines with creativity, good writing and good snaps. I thank Matt from Mattatouille and his personal hardware guidance. Matt steered me in the right direction about a year and a half ago and my photos have been soaring (relatively) ever since.

salmon tartare & caviar Petrossian
Dungeness crab, apple jelly, creme fraiche, caviar

Please enjoy this short photo essay of recent hits.

hibiscus champagne Petrossian
hibiscus champagne cocktail

The first four shots are from this dinner at Petrossian with Linden the Gastronomnom and his fiancee Amy, and Felicia of The Food Ledger with kABC in attendance.

egg Petrossian
crispy egg, cipollini onion soubise, smoked salmon, caviar

I love Chef Ben Bailly's food. A reader commented upon reading this post that she couldn't afford to food blog.  Admittedly, this was an expensive dinner. However, much of what I food blog about is not expensive. I just blog about stuff I eat. Stuff I eat when I travel, at home, at Mom's, around L.A. For instance: Mo's Burger truck, happy hour at Chaya, making cauliflower, and an $8 bowl of ramen. Food blogging isn't about how much money one spends (to me). It's about the ceremony and ritual of cooking and dining. Sharing that pathway with others, and being able to look back at the years past having these events chronicled.  It has also definitely been about developing my skills as a writer (given this format) and photographer (this seems to be a long slow burn). And recently discovering more about my skills as a cook, which might be the most fun part of the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog journey altogether.

chocolate souffle at Ludobites with Kristine

In the next round, should I make it through, I have to make a pizza.


I don't really even eat pizza willingly. Someone has to order it and leave it in my refrigerator. Then I have to wake up with a hangover and eat the leftovers. I will be searching high and low for inspiration.


the actor's diet said...

congrats on project food blog! if you need someone to EAT your pizza, i'll volunteer!

It's With A K said...

LOL @ the chocolate souffle pic :-D

I love your blog. What I find most appealing is that it inspires me to look at food as more than just sustenance for the body. It's appealing to the eye, the mind and the soul. It's meant to be shared with people you care about. Your blog is just another way of sharing the experience. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great memories of that Petrossian dinner. Looking forward to a pizza post from you!

Renee Fontes said...

What if you went "out of the box" with your pizza? How about a deconstructed pizza or a creative flat bread crust or even dessert pizza? I'm not sure of your rules are and if the traditional one is what you need to make, but I love your blog and I'm pulling for you!

Damaris said...

I voted for you!

Ha! You don't like pizza. You're so creative though I think you'll come up with something fancy and wonderful.

Anna said...

Gorgeous pictures, loved the links to Matt, great site too. The crisp egg made me drool. Good luck in round 4 I voted for you. BTW where in LA do you live? Maybe we are neighbors...I live in Santa Monica. Have a great day.

Food, she thought. said...

@actor's diet so nice to see ur pic! Been following ur blog for about a year!!! (at least!)

@k you are so good at this too!!! I feel like we inspire each other with our cooking!

@gastronomnom That was a great dinner...looking forward to Sunday.

@Renee Thank you, it's so nice to have you in my corner! Pizza thoughts are swirling in my head.

@damaris I am torn between something fancy & something less traditional but still comfort food.

@Anna I am in Echo Park. But it's nice to know you're close, I have been LOVING your blog.