Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday Brunch with Kale

I'd love to make a luxurious, healthy brunch every single day. Most days I am cramming a Greek yogurt and a bottle of water into my purse and sprinting out the door.  Last Saturday before mah jongg I made sure to line both my husband's and my stomach with some healthy greens and cage free poached eggs. This morning, I am also looking for an opportunity to play with the frames in Picnik.  I wish Picasa had these frames. Maybe they do and I just don't know where to find them. Anyone?


Brown organic and cage free eggs from the Atwater Village farmer's market.


D grabbed some kale at the market on the way home from tennis.


Slice the kale up horizontally and toss it in a wide pan with a little olive oil.  Sometimes I season the olive oil with garlic and/or onions. On the morning in question, just sea salt. Cook it just past wilted. The nice thing about kale is that it retains structural integrity even when wilted and cooked. The fibers just don't break down the same way as spinach, bok choy and so on.


When poaching eggs, most people know to put vinegar in the water to keep your eggs from feathering. I put balsamic because I like the extra flavor kick. It's not pretty to look at though.


Generous amount of tomato sauce on the kale. I like this dish with or without tomato sauce, but D will do anything for tomato sauce of any kind, catsup included. And he has been suffering through my Project Food Blog mania the last few weeks. He deserves to be a little spoiled.


D likes his poached eggs done rather well.


And I like mine poached easy. 

Time: ~25 minutes start to finish.


Kitten with a Whisk said...

I like the frames! I've been using Picasa too, let me know if you like Picnik better.

I keep saying I should try kale, but haven't yet. They sound yummy with a poached egg.

weezermonkey said...

She's got eggs.

She knows how to use them.

Joyti said...

Ooo, the kale and egg looks delicious. And you've made me crave kale now :)

It's With A K said...

Does want. Looks delicious.

Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves said...

I waited tables at Ruby Tuesday throughout my college career & we used kale as the garnish. I must admit I was intimidated when a recipe I made last week called for kale but it was actually tasty so now I have no fear trying to make your recipe!

lynn said...

i've never thought of kale with tomato sauce!

sophia said...

Ain't eggs the BESt topping ever on anything? I love, love, love this dish...for its luxurious simplicity. Gosh. That yolk just oozing all over with the tomato sauce!

Joanne said...

I would love a good sunday brunch if it could be as tasty as this! Or maybe I'll just come over to your place for sunday brunch...

Food, she thought. said...

@kitten you should try kale! I know you like things flavorful but healthy, and kale has a lot of applications.

@weezer lulz

@indie never a bad time for kale

@k maybe you shall haz sometime soon!

@Bianca kale is super easy. I use it in place of pasta sometimes when I'm watching my weight (which really is never), with polenta, fish, etc. I just don't like it raw. It's roughage is too rough raw.

@actor's diet this should be right up you alley.

Food, she thought. said...

@Sophia I love a poached egg on literally everything! Salade lyonnaise might be my absolute favorite!

@Joanne just let me know when you're coming!

Unknown said...

So, what time is brunch tomorrow, and can we poach the eggs in some bacon grease?
Mmmm, that looked so good. I'll be making Andrew an egg and rice bowl to take to work tomorrow...wish we had some kale.

~Lisa~ said...

OOOO I love this! Kale is a staple in our house. Except we drink it in a smoothie. But this, I gotta try. Anything topped with egg, I'm in!