Monday, October 4, 2010

Project Food Blog Challenge #3: Voting Hath Commenced!


Thank you readers, friends and family for taking the time to vote for me last week.  This week FoodBuzz definitely upleveled the challenge, asking us to host and post a luxury dinner party in the short hours between advancing Friday afternoon and the close of posting Sunday early evening.


Again, I am asking for your votes this week. I hope you appreciate this challenge's journey with its successes and here!


Next week's challenge is a step-by-step photo tutorial. Looking out my window at the beautifully dreary weather, I have something seasonally satisfying in mind. I think you'll like me get there!


Please enjoy in this post pictures of an early spring supper at Mom's, the person who first taught me what luxury really is. Time spent with the people you love, good food, a sunset.


May we continue the family tradition of being god damned fancy.


am gutierrez said...

Beautiful photos, scrumptious looking food and meaningful sentiment, especially the god damned fancy part...

Kristine G said...

a tribute to mama ... i dig it. and yes, may everyone continue the tradition of being god-damned fancy. lots of depressing things out there in this world, why not celebrate and indulge when we can, and with the people we cherish? :)